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 Sellers Manual 

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            How to create a seller/Partner account?

                      Select: create an account.

                         You can create an account as a regular customer by entering your name details and e-mailaddress.

                      But customers need to select: "Do you want to become a seller" NO.

                      "No": meaning, you don't need a webshop, but would like to sign up as a customer.

                      BUT SELLERS NEED TO SELECT: "Do you want to become a seller" YES.

                      "Yes" (agree as partner): meaning, you want to sign up for a webshop.

                         To launch your store, SELECT YOUR SELLER TYPE (Pay Group Fee).

                      shop url: select your unique shop name.

                      Choose your login information: select the password of your choise.

                      Log-in as a registered seller.

                      Select login from top menu or go to "My account" in the top menu.

                      Complete your seller profile:



            Edit profile information (seller profile)

                      Twitter ID: fill in your twitter and facebook account details: if you have one otherwise leave blank.

                         Other  ID: Instagram; Google Plus; Youtube; Vimeo; Pinterest; Moleskine.

                         Theme: background color: choose your theme background color by selecting a color via the square color box.

                      Tip: reading purposes, leave background empty or white.

                      Shop title: choose your shop title.

                      Upload your seller/company banner/logo.

                         Company description: feel free to enter specific info about you or your company. Upload image - add url-link.

                      Select base country.

                         Meta keywords and description: as used by google and the ArtiWebshop's search engine to find your store through keywords.

                      Payment detail: enter your PayPal e-mailaddress (= PayPal ID).



Banner Creator / Create your own original Banner / Logo



            How to upload a new product to the web site?

                      Select new products from the left hand menu on your profile page.

                         Choose if you want to sell a normal (simple) product or if you want to sell a downloadable product (i.e pdf, jpeg,...).


                      IMAGE'S / Sample - jpeg; png; gif; pdf  /  File - zip; pdf; doc; jpeg; jpg; png.

                         MUSIC                     mp3                                   mp3

                         VIDEO                     mp4                                   mp4

                         EBOOK                    zip; epub                           zip; epub

                         Note: when you upload a sample, remember that they can also download a downloadable product for free,

                         when you put it on "YES" (links can be purchased separately "YES").

                       Select the category for the product or the plus (+) = subcategories.

                       Enter a product name.

                       Enter a long discription: you can put info about your business, product, sizes, shipping, payment, url-link, etc.

                       Enter a short description: the short description will be shown next to the product image.

                 html code tip: remove TEXT CODE that stands between the text.

                       SKU: enter a unique name or code by which the product will be uploaded.

                       Price: set your selling price (DECIMAL SEPARATOR = DOT not a comma).

                       Special price: if you want to promote a special price (not necessary).

                       Special price from: start date of the promo price.

                       Special price to: end date of the promo pricing.

                       Stock: put in how many you have in stock (minimum = 1).

                       Stock availability: select in stock if you have in stock.

                       Tax class: Choose: taxable product.

                       Weight: use number to secify the weight.

                       Sample image: upload one or more images of your product.

                       Base image = will be your main image of the product.

                       Shipping costs: select country + costs.                           


Auction Platform

Add Auction

Manage Bidding: Starting Price > Min QTY - Max QTY

Auction List: Date > from - to:

Bid Report

Bidding Details: buyer auction details

Auto Bidding Details

   Shipping Manager  


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